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Michael Stokes, Master Saddler
Custom English Saddle Fitting and Repairs

Many riders experience extraordinary results with a custom-fitted Centaur saddle by Michael Stokes. Horses move more freely, riders maintain the proper position with ease, and the horse and rider team can finally become one. All this, and more, is possible with a custom-fitted saddle from Centaur Saddlery, Inc.

Do any of the following problems describe you or your horse?

  • Trouble moving freely forward
  • Resistance to lateral movements
  • Refusing jumps
  • Bucking, rearing, or pinning ears
  • Constantly fighting to keep yourself in position
  • Horse traveling crooked
  • Rider not able to sit straight
  • Mysterious lameness in horse

Many of the above problems may be attributed to a poorly fitting saddle. We can help by determining if your current saddle is fitting well or causing problems, and possibly refit your current saddle for a better fit. We also make custom-fitted saddles designed to give both YOU and your horse the best possible riding experience.

Check our schedule at the left to see when we will be in your area, or contact us to set up a saddle fitting appointment.

Don't wait another day to experience the benefits of a custom-fitted saddle. Your horse will love you for it!