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Michael Stokes, Master Saddler

Michael Stokes graduated as a certified master saddler after a six-year apprenticeship from one of the oldest saddle manufacturers in England. For the next 13 years Michael worked for several saddle manufacturing companies, both as a saddle maker and a saddle designer, to further broaden his education. After several trips to the U.S. as a salesperson, Michael saw the great need for a certified master saddler.

In 1980 Michael moved to the United States and began Centaur Saddlery Inc. Centaur saddles are unique in that they are built to enable the rider to sit down and around their horse. This gives closer contact and allows the rider to give very subtle aids.

Centaur saddles also put the rider closer to the horses center of balance allowing total harmony with the horses movement. Horse and Rider become one.

With over 40 years of personal experience designing and manually crafting saddles and 30 years in fitting both horses and riders of all disciplines, he is sought after by many veterinarians, chiropractors and professionals along the East Coast, to design and craft saddles for problem horses.

A proven fact to fitting saddles is that the panel must be the same shape as the horses back. This allows for the horse  to be able to lift his back and carry his rider across the ground. Michael has the unique ability and feel to create that fit.

His understanding of problems encountered by horse and rider and his unequalled passion for his work make him a rare entity in the equestrian world.

Contact Centaur Saddlery to learn more about our services and find out how a custom-fitted Michael Stokes saddle can benefit you, your horse, and your riding.